NFC tag NTAG216

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NFC tags NTAG216 !!! 888 bytes of storage.

Can be programmed for any smartphone reaction.

NTAG216 has 888 bytes of memory for writing instructions.

For comparison, the amount of recorded information is:

  • Ntag216 - 888 bytes;
  • Ntag215 - 504 bytes;
  • Ntag213 - 144 bytes;

NFC tags allow you to program certain actions for the phone. There is a possibility of multiple rewriting.

Usage example:

1. Stick on the bedside table a label programmed for the following:

  • Turn on quiet mode.
  • Set an alarm for 08:00
  • Make the screen brightness to the minimum level.
  • Turn off 4G \ WiFi.
  • Send SMS to the specified number with text.

Thus, going to bed, just bring the phone to the tag and it automatically performs all the above actions. Tested on Android phones, I don't know how it works with iPhones.

The example-algorithm described above for a bedside table will fit on NTAG216, but will not fit on others. Therefore, the 213th and 215th are cheaper.

Even for writing a regular business card (name, address, phone number, email) - the record takes more than 200 bytes (221 bytes on average)

Reviews: 3
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Отличные метки, купил 4 штуки, 3 уже использовал.
Заказал NFC метки, все отлично работает, товар соответствует описанию, и указанным характеристикам. Пришло в течении суток на Нову Пошту.
Заказал несколько NFC меток, пришли на следующий день, работают отлично как с андроидом так и с айфоном, описание соответствует действительности. Рекомендую!
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