Aqara Motion Sensor
Compact wireless PIR motion sensor with Zigbee protocol.It can be installed on the table, attached to the wall or ceilin..
ESP32-C6-WROOM-1-N8 is a general-purpose Wi-Fi 4/Wi-Fi 6, Zigbee Bluetooth 5, Zigbee 3.0 and Thread 1.3. It consists of ..
ESP32-C6-DevKitC-1 is a development board based on the ESP32-C6-WROOM-1, a versatile module with 8 MB SPI flash memory. ..
Moes Smart Zigbee button (with encoder)
Moes Smart Zigbee button (with encoder)
A smart Zigbee button with an encoder allows you to conveniently control lighting or anything else. By turning the ..
Smart Zigbee socket for E27 lamps
This smart Zigbee socket will allow you to turn a classic lamp into a smart lamp and control it remotely via Z2M or Tuya..
ZigBee 4-Button Remote
Convenient Zigbee remote control, with support for Tuya, ZHA, ZigBee2MQTT. Supports several pressing options for each ke..
Zigbee Smart IR Remote UFO-R11, Moes
Zigbee Smart IR Remote UFO-R11, Moes
This device requires a Zigbee Hub to functionUFO-R11 is a smart Zigbee remote control for devices with an infrared recei..
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