Case Argon One M.2 for Raspberry Pi4

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Argon One M.2 is a convenient and ready-made solution for the Raspberry Pi4 single board minicomputer.

This case is a model with active processor cooling. It is possible to turn off the fan if a quiet operation is required. To transfer heat from the heating elements, the set includes thermally conductive inserts and protrusions on the metal parts of the case.

For the convenience of connecting to the Raspberry ports, the designer provided technical solutions that made it possible to bring all ports to one side of the case. Now all the wires come out from one side and they can be neatly laid in a bunch.

The lower part of the case is an expansion board for installing SSD drives with keys Key B, Key B + M. It is possible to connect disks of different lengths: 30, 42, 60, 80.

The GPIO pins are saved, and are hidden under a magnetic cover on the top of the case.

Micro hdmi converted to full size connectors.

The scope of delivery contains:

- body;

- detailed assembly instructions;

- a set of thermally conductive gaskets;

- a set of screws for fastening the housing elements.

Reviews: 2
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Корпус хороший, малина в нём не успевает толком нагрется.
Вот только Максим указал неверную информацию, диск здесь не NVMe, a SATA формфактора M2
Хорошая коробочка, теперь NVME диск не висит на шнурке, а все спрятано. Настройки для вентилятора после тестов оставил по умолчанию, при необходимости можно кастомный сервис на гитхабе.

Отправили быстро, упаковали хорошо.
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