Online store of LED strips and smart home devices offers a wide range of LED strips and smart home products. . 

Who are we?

A team that wants and is ready to answer all your, even the most tricky and inconvenient questions about the products you are interested in. You don't even have to buy LED strips or smart switches from us. We are glad to hear everyone. And there you will understand that you made the right choice and will become our constant friend and favorite customer.

The key project team is:

Taras, project manager

Olexander, lead engineer-designer of radio-electronic equipment

Sergiy, manager

What do we offer you?

At first glance, the answer is simple - to buy products for a smart home. But this is only at first glance. The main thing that we offer you is friendship and honest partnerships. We are always ready to advise and offer you exactly the product you need. We will pick up our favorite customers only what we would buy for ourselves. After all, we are your favorite online store "smartlight".

Our advantages:

Careful selection of products that we offer you.

Before starting our work, we carefully studied the demand and wishes of consumers, because everyone wants to buy high-quality and functional equipment for a reasonable price.

The main rule of our work is to replenish and expand the range of goods based on the analysis of customer demand.

Serious selection of suppliers and manufacturers

We believe you will agree that the main quality standards for smart home devices and LED strips are their reliability of operation and brightness and colors that do not change over time. Having collected all the information about manufacturers, we have chosen for cooperation only those who offer products with excellent characteristics at the best price.

Providing quality services.

The team of the online store "smartlight" is aimed at providing only quality services. We are sure that having bought from us once, you will want to make purchases more than once. Call or write. We are ready to prove it to you not in words but in deeds.

Wide assortment of the presented goods

On the virtual "shelves" of our online store you will see a wide range of LED strips and smart home devices. We have selected options with a variety of functionality.

Prompt delivery and convenient form of payment

You can read about this important aspect of our cooperation in the corresponding section.