boards v.3 (since Feb 2022):
Flashing over LAN

  1. Download latest firmware for CC2652P module: (use CC1352P2_CC2652P_other_*). Unzip it to the root folder C:\.
  2. Download firmware flasher
  3. Stop your zigbee2mqtt or ZHA integration  so the adapter should not work;
  4. In your web browser, go to the adapter's IP address. (USE DEVICE CONNECTED OVER ETHERNET AND NOT WIFI, as wifi connection can cause errors while flashing).
  5. Press the button "Zigbee Flash Mode" on the web interface;
  6. Go back to p.2 and lunch Flashing Tool, choose firmware, adapter's IP address, and port 6638, (e.g. IP:6638), and press "START";
  7. In your web browser (p.4), go to the adapter's IP address and press "SLZB-05 Zigbee Restart";
  8. Start zigbee2mqtt;

boards v.2 (before Feb 2022):


- Detach antenna, RJ45 cable. 

- Remove the back plastic cover (from the antenna side) and pushing RJ45 connector, extract the PCB from the case.

- Detach green PCB from the black one.

1. Download flasher for Windows by this link: Unzip it to the root folder C:\

2. Download firmware for CC2652P module: (use CC1352P2_CC2652P_other_*). Unzip it to the root folder C:\.

3. Install drivers for CH340 chip (you can follow this manual

4. Change switch on board to USB

5. Identify the COM port to which your dongle is connected (if your COM-port is not identified by the Windows - this means that the USB driver for CH340 IC doesn't get automatically installed but it shows up and could be installed in the "Optional Updates" in Windows Update)

6. Open flasher, select COM port of your dongle and downloaded firmware

7. Put active checkboxes EraseWriteVerify

8. Hold "FLASH" buton on board

9. Press "Start" button and wait till finish (message "Verified").

After flashing:

Change switch on board back to LAN

Assemble device