There are two main modules in SLZB-06 that can be flashed and updated, these are:

Updating CC2652P

Over the Air (OTA) update

  1. Download latest Zigbee firmware. SLZB-06 Adapter is based on CC6252P from Texas Instruments. Firmwares are based on Z-Stack. You can see the best one here Koenkk Z-Stack firmware on Githubopen in new window. Use frmware with a tag "...other_coordinator_";
  2. Go to SLZB-06 web interface;
  3. Select menu item "System tools" and press "Zigbee Flash Mode". Go to menu Console and Browser and re-check that console contains message "Now you can flash Zigbee!"
  4. Use for flashing any of the tools described at Zigbee2MQTT official web page here:open in new window. We reccomend to use official Texas Instruments flashing software.
  5. Restart your adapter (by pressing button "Restart ESP" at meny "System and Tools")
  6. Update with J-TAG

    SLZB-06 adapter contains DIY pinouts that enable users to flashe directly by J-TAG. Please note, that pin-outs are 1.27mm size, not commonly used 2.54mm size.

    Updating ESP32

    Updating ESP32 Over the Air (distantly)

    If your SLZB-06 device has a LAN connection, you can update the ESP32 firmware remotely via Over-the-Air (OTA) updates feature. To update the firmware via OTA, follow these steps:

    1. Download the latest firmware from official SLZB-06 Firmware repositoryopen in new window;
    2. Go to the web interface of the device;
    3. Go to the System and Tools section. In the "ESP32 Update" card
    • click Choose file;
    • select the firmware (*.bin file) and
    • Click ESP32 OTA Update.
      4. Wait for the firmware to finish and reboot the device

Updating ESP32 via USB

If your SLZB-06 device is not connected to LAN or you want to flash ESP32 via USB for other reasons, it can be easily done via USB cable. For this purposes you need:

  • A computer with Windows or Mac installed;
  • USB - Type-C cable.

To flash via USB, follow these steps:

  1. Download the flashing software. We recommend using ESP_Flasher, which can be downloaded from this official link at Githubopen in new window;
  2. Download the latest firmware version from official SLZB-06 Firmware repositoryopen in new window;
  3. Using USB cable, connect SLZB-06 to your computer;
  4. Run the ESP_Flasher program and
  • Select Serial-port in the Serial port section;
  • In the Firmware section, select the file with your firmware;
  • Press the "Flash ESP" button.
  1. Wait for the firmware to complete.

Updating ESP32 via DIY pinouts

Full manual can be found there:

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