Flashing SLWF-01pro

1. For flashing you need usb-ttl on CH340G or cp210x chip

                                                      CP210x                                                                                              CH340G

2. Download and install the driver for your converter CP210x  CH340G

3. Download and extract the firmware slwf01pro download

4. Download the flasher program https://github.com/esphome/esphome-flasher/releases

5. Connect slwf01pro to usb-ttl according to the diagram:

                               CH340                                                                                              CP210x



1. Hold button FLH on slwf01 do not  release button

2. While holding down FLH, connect usb-ttl to USB

3. Briefly press the button RES

4. Release button FLH

5. Open the flasher program

5.1 Select an available COM port

5.2 Select the unzipped .bin firmware file

5.3 Press the Flash button

5.4 Wait for the message about the successful flashing

6. Your slwf01 is ready to use, unplug it from usb-ttl and plug it into your air conditioner. The module needs to be reconnected to your network.

If you received an error at the flashing stage, repeat all flashing actions starting from the first point.

If that doesn't help, check if slwf01 is properly connected to usb-ttl.

If everything is connected correctly, but the flashing is failed, please contact support at info@smartlight.me

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