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***!Important message!***
We cannot guarantee 100% compatibility with your air conditioner. New air conditioners may use newer communication protocols, so dongles may not work or work partially; please be aware of this while purchasing.

Air conditioner Wi-Fi module for Midea, Idea, Neoclima, Electrolux, Beko and many more. 

Model SLWF-01pro (v.1.0)


The WiFi module for air conditioners SLWF-01pro is convenient and easy to use. Also, this module is very functional and versatile. Here are some reasons why you should buy this Wi-Fi module:

  • Integration with Home Assistant is fully automated (Autodiscovery), which simplifies the work with the device
  • Ability to work without Home Assistant through a browser (from a smartphone or PC) only in a local network.
  • Compact design, suitable for any conditioners (brands Midea, Idea, Neoclima, Electrolux, Beko)
  • Price: Most modules from other manufacturers usually cost around 800 UAH and do not allow their device to integrate "seamlessly" into smart home systems, but only through their own applications. With this module, you will be able to bypass all such restrictions and conveniently install it into your air conditioner.
  • Alternative choice of chips. A module without expansion and and one  with expansion, ie you will be able to connect other sensors (lighting, sound, motion, temperature and connectors for them)
  • Designed and assembled in Ukraine




• Name: WiFi module for air conditioners

• Compatibility with air conditioners of the following brands:






-Possible support for other brands (if produced at Midea Inc plants)

• Smart home systems: based on HomeAssistant, etc.

• Protocol: Wi-Fi

Ability to connect sensors (output GPIO ESP8266 - ADC (for analog sensors), GPIO4 and GPIO5)

• Compatibility with sensors:

-lighting TEMT6000

-movement HC-SR501


-temperature ds18b20


Setup instructions:

1. Insert the USB port of the air conditioner

2. Wait for the AC-wifi network to appear

3. Connect to it with the password slwf01pro

4. Go from the browser to the address

5. In the menu, select the home WiFi network

6. Enter the password and connect.


Important Notice!

* Connecting additional sensors requires you downloading the suitable firmware for your sensors.

** When using additional sensors, it is required that the WiFi signal level in the room where the air conditioner and the module are installed is as high as possible.

Return within 14 days (cost of return at the expense of the buyer). Only for buyers in Ukraine.

Reviews: 36
Worked without any problems! Thanks
The device works, but documentation is very poor for this device. The links to the github repo from the 05/09/2023 FAQ doesn't work as the repo itself does not exist (https://github.com/smlight-dev/slwf01pro-firmware/blob/main/slwf01pro.yaml)
I connected this to my Senville Leto mini split. The USB connector on the mini split has plastic rails left and right of the pins to prevent normal USB connectors from being inserted. I cut the rails away with an Exacto tool so that the SLWF-01 pro could be plugged in easily. Other reviewers mention issues plugging in the module, and I suspect they too were dealing with these rails. The surgery wasn't too difficult, but you will want a sharp blade and your reading glasses. Connecting to my LAN was a easy. Nice instructions. Worked perfectly. My Senville unit is not 100% compatible. The humidity and power sensors in the mini split do not report to HA correctly (they read zero). Maybe there's a fix. Next project is to add a PIR sensor so that I can change the temp. setting when I am actually in the room where the mini split is located.
Trevor V
It was a little stiff to plug in. The first time I tried it wouldn't connect to the mini-split. Then I unplugged it and plugged it back in (after several restarts) and it worked immediately.
Confirmed working on MRCOOL DIY-24-HP-WMAH-230C25
I was going to create the device myself and all, but given the cost of this beauty, I decided to give it s try instead. It works seamlessly in my MrCool 12kBTU mini split! I have to push it hard into the USB female of the unit because it seems to be non-standard, but that was all.

My next question was going to be 'how about updating esphome on it?', and it was quickly solved (see Downloads for the yaml file and the firmware).

Great job, guys! Thank you.
Questions: 35
ZM 88
Arrived today and it was very easy to setup, all working fine.
I've Bosch Climate 6000i which has a motion sensor built in, but it hasn't been setup automaticaly on HA. Is there a way to do so?
Thank you!
The administration's response:
Usually, the setting is automatic. If this did not happen, use the instructions for setup that came with the device
Did somebody try this USB dongle on a Kaysun Prodigy air-conditioner model 2021
Kind regards
The administration's response:
We currently have no information on compatibility with this AC model
Добрий день , ідеа з виходом 5 контактним є такий модуль?
The administration's response:
Доброго дня!
Для 5-ти контактного нажаль не підійде
Are the kaysun airco-units supported by this USB wifi module?
The administration's response:
We currently have no information on compatibility with this AC model
Massimo Brandi
I bougth this item.
Work correctly with midea MSAGSBU-12HRNDN8.
I have only one question.
Is the yaml code and firmware on my device the same one is present in download area?
The administration's response:
Yes, the firmware is up-to-date in the downloads section
Flashing SLWF-01pro by using usb-ttl converter
DIY smart home 14/02/2023 2067
Flashing SLWF-01pro by using usb-ttl converter
Prepare:1. For flashing you need usb-ttl on CH340G or cp210x chip                    &nbs..
Midea, Idea, Neoclima and other Electrolux air conditioners in a smart home
DIY smart home 22/05/2021 3476
Midea, Idea, Neoclima and other Electrolux air conditioners in a smart home
This article describes the information in general, without detailed instructions on how to flash, what to click, but provides links to all t..
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