Air conditioner Wi-Fi module for Midea, Idea, Neoclima, Electrolux, Beko and many more. Model SMARTLIGHT SLWF-01pro (v.1.0)


***!Important message!***
We cannot guarantee 100% compatibility with your air conditioner. New air conditioners may use newer communication protocols, so dongles may not work or work partially, please be aware of this when purchasing.

Air conditioner Wi-Fi module for Midea, Idea, Neoclima, Electrolux, Beko and many more. 

Model SLWF-01pro (v.1.0)


The WiFi module for air conditioners SLWF-01pro is convenient and easy to use. Also, this module is very functional and versatile. Here are some reasons why you should buy this Wi-Fi module:

-Integration with Home Assistant is fully automated (Autodiscovery), which simplifies the work with the device

- Compact design, suitable for any conditioners (brands Midea, Idea, Neoclima, Electrolux, Beko)

-Price: Most modules from other manufacturers usually cost around 800 UAH and do not allow their device to integrate "seamlessly" into smart home systems, but only through their own applications. With this module, you will be able to bypass all such restrictions and conveniently install it into your air conditioner.

-Alternative choice of chips. A module without expansion and and one  with expansion, ie you will be able to connect other sensors (lighting, sound, motion, temperature and connectors for them)

-Designed and assembled in Ukraine




• Name: WiFi module for air conditioners

• Compatibility with air conditioners of the following brands:






-Possible support for other brands (if produced at Midea Inc plants)

• Smart home systems: based on HomeAssistant, etc.

• Protocol: Wi-Fi

• Different chip options:

-with extension. Ability to connect any sensors without soldering (output GPIO ESP8266 - ADC (for analog sensors), GPIO4 and GPIO5)

-without expansion

• Compatibility with sensors (all available):

-lighting TEMT6000

-movement HC-SR501


-temperature ds18b20

- + connectors for such sensors


Setup instructions:

1. Insert the USB port of the air conditioner

2. Wait for the AC-wifi network to appear

3. Connect to it with the password slwf01pro

4. Go from the browser to the address

5. In the menu, select the home WiFi network

6. Enter the password and connect.


Important Notice!

* Connecting additional sensors requires you downloading the suitable firmware for your sensors.

** When using the "extended" version and with active additional sensors, it is required that the WiFi reception in the room where the air conditioner and the module are installed is as high as possible.

*** By default, only one module can be connected to Home Assistant at the same time, if you need to connect more modules, follow the steps described at the end of the page


Return within 14 days (cost of return at the expense of the buyer). Only for buyers in Ukraine.

Connecting additional modules to Home Assistant

Go to the Downloads 2 

Download the firmware of the wifi module for air conditioners, unpack the files

Connect the power supply of the WiFi module, wait until it starts the access point "AC-wifi"

Connect to it using the password slwf01pro

Go to the address from the browser

Scroll to the "OTA UPDATE" button

Select the previously downloaded firmware file and click the "OTA UPDATE" button

How to choose the right file:

Each file is numbered from 1 to 4.

The modules you purchased are flashed with the air_conditioner_1 file and are named accordingly.

Each subsequent module is flashed with firmware with a higher serial number.

For example, you purchased 3 modules, then you need to flash 2 modules with firmware air_conditioner_2 and air_conditioner_3, so you will have 3 modules with different names (air_conditioner_1, air_conditioner_2, air_conditioner_3)

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Tor G
Can't say enough good about this, both the dongle and the service is A+.

I'm just annoyed that I didn't order one for my other pump as well because now they're sold out ????

I Will also be highly recommending this to my heat pump installer as an alternative to the official dongle as the functionality of the smartlight dongle is FAR SUPERIOR, ✌️
Works for Mr. Cool DIY! The breakout board on the mini-split uses a non-standard USB connector though, so you'll need to replace it or create a short extension cord that will fit (just need to trim off the plastic next to the outermost pins on the male end)
Александр Бондаренко
Можна додати і цю модель (та схожі) до сумісних:
Vestfrost VFE12AF5
Адаптер прийшлось зробити свій с ЮЗБ мами та дюпон-кабелів, та це кілька хвинин з паяльником всьго
Дякую за класний товар та чудовий сервіс!
I ordered 4 dongles for my Midea Breezeless devices. Shipping and customs took some time (which is understandable given the current situation), but I always knew where the package was. Smartlight had provided me with a tracking link and pictures of the package shortly after I placed my order.
Setting up the dongles was easy. However, I needed updated firmware for two dongles as Home Assistant requires them all to have unique names (which are defined by the firmware). Smartlight support via Telegram was fast and very helpful. The firmware updates could be installed via browser.
The dongles are now working without any problems. I can control the operating mode (on/off, cooling, heating, dehumidifying, fan only), the target temperature, the fan mode (automatic, low, medium, high) and the swing mode (off, vertical, horizontal, both) . Unfortunately, Breezeless mode cannot be activated via WiFi, but this is due to the underlying platform ESPHome, which does not support this functionality.
Відправили швидко, товаром задоволений)
Midea, Idea, Neoclima and other Electrolux air conditioners in a smart home
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Midea, Idea, Neoclima and other Electrolux air conditioners in a smart home
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