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Address (pixel) LED strip controller WLED firmware and type-C connector, model A1-SLWF-02

Works with 5V and 12V LED strips (type WS2812B, WS2811, WS2815, etc.).

The controller is used to control the address LED strips (type WS2812B)

It is used very simply: connected type-C, attach LED strip - and that is it!


  • WLED firmware - hundreds of effects, integrations, customization options, constantly updated functionality; https://github.com/Aircoookie/WLED
  • Allows you to control via web-interface, applications (iOS and Android);
  • If you need to integrate into the smart home system Home Assistant - WLED firmware provides automatic integration https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/wled/;
  • Hundreds of effects and settings, including:
    - choice of solid glow colors;
    - choose from 100+ effects;- adjustment of each effect (brightness, speed, main and additional colors);
    - the ability to divide the tape into "segments" and control each segment separately (ie, if you have 10 meters of tape - you can turn on 2 meters, for example, the "rainbow" effect, and the other 8 meters a different effect or color, etc.
    - "clock" effect - when the LEDs are dimmed in a circle and will display time, minutes, and seconds visually;
    - timer mode;
  • The controller is light and convenient - it can be attached on double-sided tape to any surface;
  • Connection via type-C from a conventional power supply at 2-2.4A provides a bright glow of 300-500 LEDs (ie 5-10 meters, and if a garland of 10 diodes per meter - it's easy 30 meters)
  • Ability to update the firmware "on the air" - without connections, programmers and additional software;
  • A screwdriver is included;
  • There is a version with a touch button and without a touch button;
  • 6-month warranty (Ukraine); Return and exchange (only for buyers in Ukraine) within 14 days (cost of return at the expense of the buyer)

How to connect and use the controller:

  1. Turn on the power of the controller by connecting it to the type-C cable (if you want to use "12V" or "5V not type-C" - just put power to + and - connectors);
  2. Connect the address tape "+" of the strip to the "+" controller, "-" strip to "-" of the controller, and the signal cable of the strip to the middle connector of the controller. Use the screwdriver from the kit for easy connection;
  3. Connect from your phone or computer to the WLED-AP WiFi network using the password wled1234;
  4. From the browser, go to
  5. Go to the "To the controls" section. You can manage the strip.
  6. To adjust the number of LEDs and the RGB sequence, go to the menu Config -> Led preferences.
  7. If you have a version with a touch button, the button actions are as follows:
    - Short press - on / off;
    - Long press (hold) - switching effects;
    If you want the strip to always turn on with the same effect / color after pressing the button, you must set "FX = 0 & G = 224 & R = 255 & B = 160 & T = 2" in the Preset menu in the Onoff section, where FX = 0 is the sequence number of the effect (solid glow), GRB = colors that the ribbon will turn on after pressing, T = 2 command indicating on or off.


Reviews: 21
Works great out of the box
Хороший контролер, працює «з коробки». Брав для підсвітки телевізора під картинку через Hyperion ng.

Результатом задоволений. Єдина проблема, що час від часу підсвітка сама вимикається. Ще не дослідив у чому саме проблема
купил несколько контроллеров для работы с адресными лентами в разных частях дома. работает отличною отправили быстро, проконсультировали качетвенно
Купляв даний контроллер для підсвітки робочої зони кухні, led стрічку буду використовувати sk6812. Для комфортнішого налаштування, перепрошив його через OTA на російську прошивку. Все супер!
Все купленные здесь контроллеры с гирляндами на адресных светодиодах отработали на улице зиму и остались живы. Отличное решение как для двора, так и для помещений. Елка, танцующая под музыку с помощью LedFX оказась круче дорогущей Twinkly! :)
Questions: 8
A great product! I use Version 0.13.3 in a wooden handrail as a replacement for a ESP32MiniBoard. Unfortunately, the WLAN connection with the A1-SLWF-0 is much worse and the LEDs sometimes flashing colourfully. How can I deactivate this? Or increase WLAN performance?
The administration's response:
Artifacts on the strip can occur due to the large level of voltage ripple at the output of your power supply.
Try a different power supply or try adding an additional 10uF capacitor in parallel to the controller power supply
Тобто, якщо я під'єднані цей контролер до свого вайфай, а потім змінив роутер і SSID , то я уже до нього не підключусь? Як його скинути на заводські налаштування? Де кнопка ресет?
The administration's response:
Доброго дня!
Якщо збережений SSID більше не доступний, пристрій увімкне свою точку доступу якщо вона не була відключена в налаштуваннях.
Назва AP буде SLWF-02 або WLED-AP або інша, якщо її було змінено в налаштуваннях.
Пароль wled1234 або інший, якщо ви його змінили в налаштуваннях.
Підключіться до AP пристрою і перейдіть на далі в налаштування WIFI і введіть SSID і пароль нового роутера і збережіть налаштування. Пристрій підключиться до роутера і його ІР буде доступна в списку клієнтів роутера.
How to factory reset the controller? I tried an online WLED installer, and installed some drivers but it could not find the device
The administration's response:
In this model, USB is used only for power.
You can reset the device in the WLED settings if you have access to the web interface.
If there is no access to the web interface (forgot the password or flashed the wrong firmware), then you will need a programmer to reflash the device, in this case, please write to us at info@smartlight.me for detailed instructions.

Regards, Taras
Does the controller support SK6812 12V led strip ?
The administration's response:
Yes, the device supports SK6812
Tomas Burman 
Is it one controller per led strip or is it possible to control 3 different led strip with the same controller?
The administration's response:
You can сut strip into 3 pieces and connect them in series. Next, in WLED, you can create 3 independent segments based on the length of each piece and control them independently
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