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TOP Highlights:

  • ZIGBEE TO LAN OR USB OR WIFI adapter based on EFR32MG21 and +20dB Amplifier and 5dB antenna; 
  • supports POE powering but can also be powered by type-C power or by micro-USB with the connector that comes with the adapter;
  • A rich package that includes the device itself and antenna, screws for fixing, screw helper, two-sided adhesive tapes, and microUSB-typeC adapter.;
  • EFR23MG21 chip with +20dB amplifier
  • 5dB antenna included;
  • tini cool design that can fit any place;
  • paper box, safe delivery to your country;
  • flashing Zigbee and ESP over LAN;
  • each device individually tested before shipment;

SMLIGHT SLZB-06M Zigbee LAN PoE USB WiFI coordinator based on EFR32MG21 and ESP32 from SMLight is a TCP / IP Zigbee coordinator used to control Zigbee devices in smart home systems using the Zigbee2MQTT application.

The coordinator is delivered ready to go. Flashed:

  • Zigbee part: with firmware or from Koenkk (Koen Kanters).
  • ESP/LAN part: open-source community-driven firmware (see official webpage);

Shipped with:

  1. SMLIGH SLZB-06M Zigbee LAN coordinator ;
  2. Antenna 5dB;
  3. Connector micro-USB to type-C;
  4. Screw-fix-helper and Manual QR;
  5. 2x screws;
  6. 2x adhesive tapes;
  7. 1x screwdriver;
  8. Paper box;


  1. full manual can be found at the product official page

TOP highlights:

  • choice №1 of USA customers and liked by many other countries!;
  • out of the box works with zigbee2mqtt - just plug&play; flashed with the latest firmware;
  • PoE or USB powered;
  • 5dB antenna included for long and wide area coverage and good link quality (lqi)!!;
  • EFR32MG21 based latest powerful chip-based;
  • the firmware could be updated distantly for both Zigbee and ESP

smartlight cc2652p coordinator work


DELIVERY TO MANY COUNTRIES (6-14 business days)

ebay zigbee cc2652p coordinator feedbacks

4. Packing

Each item is individually packed, which prohibits damage during the shipment. Packing includes

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Questions: 4
Can you buy it on Aliexpress? I see it's there but is it original?
The administration's response:
Yes, you can also find this product on aliexpress and other stores, we have many partners!
Is there a product manual available for the efr32mg21 based slzb06m? I could only find the manual for slzb06, based on the cc2652p chipset.

The administration's response:
Hi Matt,
We are working on it. Since the devices are very similar, we will simply update the manual for the SLZB-06 and add information for the 06M.
If you have any questions, write to us

BR, Taras
Daniel Rossi
Hi. Is this only for ZHA or also advised for Zigbee2MQTT? Is there any other difference between the previous and the M version?
The administration's response:
Z2M is also supported. The 06M version has a newer and more powerful chip, in the future it will be possible to run Thread support on it
Can it be plugged onto a switch or does it has to be a direct connection?
The administration's response:
This device works in the same way as all other end devices. Of course, you can connect it through transit switches, but you may have to open port 6638
Have a look on this
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